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Parent conferences are on Wednesday, 9/23 1-4 PM. Please sign up now if you would like to meet. We will meet at my WebEx link:
If you need to cancel, please email me @ [email protected] as soon as you can so I can free up the time slot.
Hello and welcome to my math web page for Math 7! I have been serving the school district as an educator for around ten years in which I have tutored and taught mathematics. Over the past few years, I have had the honor to teach math 7 at SVJH and I can absolutely say that I love what I do. I like to use math class as a metaphor in life meaning that they can accomplish anything as long as they set their minds to it. I strive everyday to make math more enjoyable for my students so that the feel confident in themselves and successful in their educational career.
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Please let me know how I can help and again, welcome to my classroom web page!
Mr. Torres