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“History as a disciplined enquiry aims to sustain the widest possible definition of memory, and to make the process of recall as accurate as possible, so that our knowledge of the past is not confined to what is immediately relevant.”

[John Tosh.  The Pursuit of History. Fifth Edition, p.2]

7th World History and Geography: Medieval and Early Modern Times 

Essential Standards 

Fall Semester 

South Asia, 300–1200  

How did Islam develop and change over time? 


West Africa, 900–1400 n 

Why was Mali a site of encounter?  


Spring Semester 

The Americas, 300–1490  

 Why did the Maya civilization, the Aztec Empire, and the Inca Empire gain power over people and territories? 


The Impact of Ideas, 1500–1750 

What were the effects of the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution? 

8th United States History and Geography: Growth and Conflict 

Essential Standards 

Fall Semester 

The Development of American Constitutional Democracy  

Why was there an American Revolution? 


Envisioning a New America  

How did the government change during the Early Republic? 


Spring Semester 

The Causes, Course, and Consequences of the Civil War 

Why was there a Civil War? 

How was slavery abolished through the Civil War? 

Please see other History/social science important materials for California CLIC

History Department Collective Commitments 

  • We will all be positive, contributive, and collaborative team members for our department culture. 
  • We will use evidence of student learning for assessing and informing us to improve best instructional practices. 
  • We will work with our colleagues on SMART goals.
  • We will seek out the most promising practices to support student learning. 
  • We will keep parents informed of the progress of their children.
February is Black History Month!  This is all American's history and pivotal.  Please see what our Library of Congress has created.
September 15-October 15th is time frame for the Hispanic Heritage Month