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Dear Sierra Vista Middle School Students and Parents,
It’s with excitement that I welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year! Over the summer our wonderful 
custodial staff has worked hard in preparing the campus for your students’ return. Our site team 
has been organizing for next week's registration events to distribute all the essentials for your 
students’ success, and we have had teacher teams work together to prepare for the school year.
We are committing ourselves to our school’s mission to “develop the academic and social growth of All 
To achieve that mission, we are continuing to develop and refine the multiple systems of support 
for student success in Academic, Socio-Emotional, and Behavior development. Our school board and 
district office have directly sustained these efforts by supporting both personnel and school site 
needs that will make an immediate impact on our students’ school experience.
Additionally, as alluded to in Dr. Mendoza’s welcome letter, a central focus for our district and 
indeed our school site, will be “community engagement.” To any family who attended our orientations 
last year, you may recall our emphatic ask that you be in support of our school and students 
through volunteering and attending workshops, coffee with the Principal, etc. We have an exciting 
year’s worth of events planned for which we will need your support. Please contact the front office 
and speak to Home Liaison Judea Mendes for additional details regarding volunteering.
Finally, I leave you with this: your students’ safety and education are our primary charge at 
Sierra Vista Middle School. We are honored to serve our community as educators, please be partners 
with us in your student’s education.
Welcome back Matadors!
In Service,
Julio C. Nunez, Principal
Sierra Vista Middle School

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