Welcome to the ASB/ Leadership Page,
At Sierra Vista Junior High School, we are proud to be called Matadors and we strive everyday to bring school spirit on our campus. Leadership students are challenged to build community on campus so that every student feels included. This group of students work hard daily and they set extra time so that our events can be fluid and successful. ASB students typically do not call it a class, rather they call ASB their family.
In our ASB Program, Leadership students have the privilege of attending a conference at the beginning of the school year to brainstorm ideas and bring their plans to life here at our SVJH school site. ASB students also have the opportunity to attend Disneyland's Youth Education Series' Leadership Programs in the Spring where students learn about essential leadership skills that Walt Disney had to embed in order for his imaginative mind come to life. 
ASB students are responsible for hosting events like Matador Fun Fridays, Leadership Outreach Picnics, Awards Assemblies, School Wide Fundraising, Promotion, and all seasonal holidays events. Leadership students also assist with staff with other programs such as the iReady Incentive Program, Academic Incentive Program, and Family Night.
ASB students are challenged with the mission of building community on campus.
In class, students are posed with this essential question: What is the best way to build community at Sierra Vista Junior High School?
-Eric Torres
ASB Coordinator
Upcoming Events for Spring 2020
01/29: 1st Semester Awards Assembly
02/14: No One Eats Alone Day (during lunch)
03/11: ASB Disneyland Field Trip
04/10: SVJ Night @ Dodgers Stadium
05/28: Promotion & 2nd Semester Awards Assembly
06/03: Field Day (during school)