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Dual Language


Vision Statement for Dual Language:

Graduate students to be academically successful, bilingual, bi-literate, and culturally diverse.

Mission Statement for Dual Language:

Implement a high quality Dual Language Program that emphasizes academic achievement in English and Spanish.

Program Goals:

  • Native English speakers and native Spanish speakers who complete this program from kindergarten through eighth grade will possess strong literacy skills in Spanish and English.
  • Students will have a strong academic proficiency in the core academic content areas.
  • Students will be prepared to enter advanced levels of Spanish language classes at the high school level.
  • Students will gain understanding and appreciation for other cultures. 

Program Benefits:

  • Better prepared to meet an ever-changing global society
  • Increased parent engagment
  • Help prepare students in AP Spanish in high school
  • Dual Language Recognition Seal on diploma

Dual Language Activities:

  • Students will attend educational field-trips.
  • Students will participate in various fundraising activities to support various extracurricular activities.
  • Students will participate in a Dual Language End of the Year Ceremony.


Subject Area Instruction:

Spanish Language Arts (Elective)
Social Studies
English Language Arts

DL students are expected to:

  • succeed in all rigorous curricula
  • maintain a 2.0 GPA, equivalent to a C average in all school subjects
  • participate in all fundraisers and extracurricular activities