Spectrum Internet Assist

Spectrum is offering a program that has long term benefits for our Baldwin Park community. The program is called Spectrum Internet Assist. This program goes beyond the 60 days of free internet, that some of our Baldwin Park families are now starting to use. Once the 60 days of free Spectrum Internet are used, the cost becomes $55 per month, which is considerable especially during these difficult times.

Instead, as a long term option, families can sign up for the Spectrum Internet Assist program. The modem is free. The data rate is 30 mbs, with no data caps and no contact. The monthly cost is only $18, and families can add WiFi for another $5 per month. The qualifying criteria for most families is that at least one member of the family needs to be a part of the National School Lunch Program.  

The long term cost for this internet access is only about $23 per month (with WiFi), as opposed to $55, which is the default rate.