Important Semester 2 Updates on Drop Offs and Dress Code

Good Afternoon Matadors,We have two important updates for Sierra Vista Middle School:
  1. No Excuses Policy:  In order to mitigate the loss of learning that happens with in-class interruptions, we are adopting a “No Excuses Policy” for student drop-offs starting second semester. Parents/ Guardians will be able to drop off only a single item for the semester. We will take note of the drop-off and ensure that your student receives the item. Please reserve this drop-off for important items like forgotten projects and due assignments, etc. Please see a list of items below:
    • What if my student forgets his/her PE clothes? We issue clean loaner PE clothes to those students.
    • What if my student forgets her/his Chromebook? We have loaner Chromebooks those students may borrow for the day.
    • What if my student is dress coded? We have clean loaner clothes that we issue to students to minimize the amount of missed class time.
    After a parent drops off their item to the front office, we will highlight your student’s name and take note of the item. Please ensure that the items dropped off are appropriate for a school site and follow the expectations found in the student handbook and our website.
    With over 800 students at Sierra Vista Middle School, we want to ensure that the instructional program is running as smoothly as possible with minimal interruptions (other BPUSD middle schools already have this policy in place).  One of our PBIS expectations for students is “Be Responsible” and these efforts help support that expectation.
  2. Updated Dress Code: Addresses the growing trend of gang-affiliated attire. This update is in coordination with SVHS' updated policy that has already been made public. Please review the letter in this link: