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Sierra Vista Jr. High Matador Music Groups

Welcome back, Matadors!
(2019-2020 Theme: "Twisted Wonderland")
Twisted Wonderland theme artwork

The purpose of participating in a Sierra Vista Jr. High Music class is to give members: 

Musical skills: reading, writing, and performing music in class and public performances. 

Use of rhythms, note reading, listening skills, elements of performance, music history, and composition. 

Self-esteem and confidence through practice and performances. 

Integrate music into learning and life skills. 

Chances to develop teamwork, respect, responsibility, and self-discipline. 


Our bands, choirs, and orchestras have performed throughout Southern California and continue a tradition of success in representing our school and community of Baldwin Park. For more detailed information about the band program, please click on the link below for the Band Handbook regarding expectations, grades, and performances: 



SVJH Band Handbook 2019-2020 (see links below)



See calendar (link is on the right column of this page) for daily homework, events, and announcements.  

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(weekly homework charts - click on the assignments below)
 Part of your grade is earned through regular practice on your own. When a skill, scale, or music is given for homework practice you are expected to practice it at home. A good rule to use for proficiency: if you can do a skill or music 3x in a row without mistakes, you are proficient & ready to move forward. Practice Records should be filled out on each practice day and turned-in every week for grading. 5-6 days of practice each WEEK is expected to earn an “A” grade. It is your responsibility to fill them out, have them signed, and returned on time. In some cases, you will need to practice certain days to learn work being covered in class the next day.
Reverse side of the each weekly chart are students' class participation & grades. These must also be filled and turned-in with their weekly practices. Please see which days charts will be collected as explained on the record.
All bands and choir:
THE FALL FUNDRAISER has BEGUN! See's Candy & Chocolate sales begin Sept. 18th and end Oct. 2nd. Students should try to sell to their friends, friends' families, known neighbors, and family members (outside of their immediate family). Pre-orders are being taken now! Help us meet our goals for this year!
TURN-IN DATE: Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019 - for all pre-orders and money.
DELIVERIES: week of Oct. 16, 2019.
(see fundraiser packet for more details)
Per. 4 - Symphonic Band Rehearsals:
After-school group rehearsals 2:50-4:00 PM. These practices are mandatory and required part of the Symphonic Band expectations. Attendance & participation are graded parts of the students' grades. These will usually occur the 1st Thursday of every month. (see 2019-2020 calendar above for more details)
Back-to-School Night  - August 29, 2019:
All parents, family, & students are welcome to attend the SVJH Back-to-School Night (5:00-7:00 PM). Please see flyer sent home with students for details.
(Use your classrooms for video and analysis assignments.)
(Use these links / videos to help you care for your instruments. REMINDER: taking care of your instrument and cleaning of your instrument after every use  and on a monthly cleaning schedule will help keep your instrument in good, working condition.)
Oboes (daily care) - (monthly care) - (oboe fundamentals)
Bassoons (daily care) - (monthly care) - (bassoon fundamentals)
Clarinets (daily care) - (monthly care) - (clarinet fundamentals)
Saxophones (daily care) - (monthly care) - (saxophone fundamentals)
French Horns (daily care) - (monthly care) - (French horn fundamentals)
Trombones (daily care) - (monthly care) - (trombone fundamentals)
Baritones / Euphoniums (daily care) - (monthly care) - (baritone fundamentals)
Tubas (daily care) - (monthly care) - (tuba fundamentals)
Percussion Kit (assembly)
Drum Percussion (snare daily care) - (monthly care) - (drum fundamentals)
Mallet Percussion (daily care) - (monthly care) - (mallet fundamentals)
{Pass-Offs are skills or fundamentals to be mastered by students. These will be given a Pass or Non-pass grade. Pass (25 points per BELT) will be assessed as error-free performances during class. Non-pass means students will need to continue to practice the skill(s) until fully mastered before she/he can move on to the next skill.}
Daniel Carranza Sanchez
Diana Flores
Jake Khant
Angela Kao
Per. 1 Rep.:
Robert (Xander) Dacy
Per. 2 Rep.: 
Nathalie Arellano Rivas
Per. 4 Rep.:
Ivan Perez
Kedrick Olmo Bowie
Jadon Zuniga
Haveen Sandoval
Emily Pinto
Daisy Sotelo
Standard of Excellence:
Book 1: red book
Book 2: blue book
Performance Music:
Beginning Band
Standard of Excellence - red book
Concert Band
"Creepy Crawlers"
"What a Wonderful World"
"All in the Golden Afternoon"
Symphonic Band
"The Star Spangled Banner"
"Matador Fanfare"