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History Department

Platforms I plan to use (subject to change):
1. Google Classroom (regularly check your LEARN account email)
2. Flipgrid (class codes will be posted)
3. Google Meets (I will NOT be doing Zoom meetings.  If parents have a hard time connecting we may need to use Zoom, but utilize Webex)
4. Nearpod & Peardeck (these platform sync with Google Classroom and allows me to make my presentations interactive and remote.
5. EDpuzzle (this platform allows me to assign videos and hold students accountable to the information they are watching)
6. Google Everything! I will be using a variety of Google tools to assign work to students through Google Classroom. (Docs, Slides, Forms, YouTube, Jamboard, Draw, Sites, etc.)

Here is a place you can stay informed, get help, research, get updates with information about our courses.  I have restructured the website for digital learning 2.0.  You can also read a blog about our classes and email me from the school site or this site.  I hope this helps in these difficult times.  Best wishes and take care.  Mr.C :)


3. Back to School Night

Please watch this last and see some information on our website and google classroom. Take care.
Please contact me through one of these options.  Between teaching, AVID coordinator, Department Chair, and textbook committee, I hope to get back to you ASAP.  Thanks again for your time and attention.  An email is best for a quick and succinct response.  Mr. Culbertson